Movies Featuring the Sexiest Men Alive on Netflix

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It is summer and it is hot, hot, hot. Want a way to enjoy the heat while staying inside the air conditioning? Check out these movies on Netflix featuring actors who topped the People’s Sexiest Men Alive list for the last 15 years.

Stream these movies that feature the People's Sexiest Men Alive from the last 15 years.

2014 – Chris Hemsworth

2013 – Adam Levine – Nothing, but maybe one day…

2012 – Channing Tatum

2011 – Bradley Cooper

2010 – Ryan Reynolds

2009 – Johnny Depp

2008 – Hugh Jackman

2007 – Matt Damon

2006 – George Clooney

2005 – Matthew McConaughey

2004 – Jude Law

2003 – Johnny Depp (again)

2002 – Ben Affleck

2001 – Pierce Brosnan, who I remember all the way back to Remington Steele. Granted, I was a kid then.

2000 – Brad Pitt

I didn’t know about some of these movies, but they have definitely been added to My List.

Who would make your top list of hot summer actors? What are their best movies?

Summer Happy – Making Memories that Last a Lifetime

I think making memories that last a lifetime with our kids is something all moms hope to do. I know it is one of those little worries that niggles at the back of my mind. “Will my kids remember being happy?” This summer I went a long (and expensive) way to make sure that happened.

The Friday after the last day of school we loaded up the car and went to Disney World. And it was amazing. Really, truly, amazing.

Summer Happy - Making Memories that Last a Lifetime with Your Kids

Memories from our trip…

In the car, James making a stick out of markers and lightly tapping David on the ear while whispering “tap, tap, tap”. Which doesn’t seem funny now, but was hilarious at the time. We still all laugh anytime someone says “tap, tap, tap.”

Also in the car, forcing the kids to listen to 80s music. And Cady asking if it would ever end. Not today PYT. Not today!

Arriving in our room at Animal Kingdom Lodge and seeing giraffes outside through the sliding door. And pushing Cady out of the way so that I could walk out on the balcony first.

giraffes at the animal kingdom lodge

Finding out that there is an animal called a Somali Wild Ass and that there were some outside our room in addition to the giraffes. And then calling the kids Somali wild asses any time they stepped out of line for the rest of the trip.

Sliding into the pool at the resort and seeing my kids laughing when I came up for air. Apparently I have spread eagle issues when coming off of a slide. I also sink to the bottom butt first.

Hearing another mom in line say in a shocked/frustrated tone “OH MY GOD! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! YOU JUST ATE!” when her son told her he was hungry. Again. I may or may not have uttered this same thing once or twice.

Watching David, James, and Cady laugh as they rode the teacups. And being glad that I did not ride the teacups.

Eating at Askerhaus and taking photos with the princesses. I especially love the fact that James had picked out a sword and shield to buy with his souvenir money before we got there. (And OMG Cinderella was there. SQUEEEEE!)

meeting Cinderella

Getting caught in the rain. Getting soaked. And then winning a free frozen treat because I was silly enough to quack like a duck and shake my tailfeathers when asked by some castmembers.

Watching my kids eyes light up when they saw characters they loved or were amazed by something or thought a ride was the most awesome thing ever.

Witnessing Cady be shy with this those same characters. My girl is NOT shy.

Watching the live Nemo show at Animal Kingdom. Nemo is one of my favorite movies ever. I was downright giddy.

Laughing with my kids about “roller coaster” face.

roller coaster face

And so, SO many more things. It was a great trip. But taking a trip to Disney World is not the only way to make memories with your kids this summer. You can go to a local waterpark or camping or swimming or set up a sprinkler in the backyard (my kids love a “backyard” waterpark) or go for a walk and smell the flowers or hunt for fireflies or bake cookies or… So many other things. Really all you need to make memories is you and your kids.

What ways are you making memories with your kids this summer?

Share your memories this month on Instagram with the hashtag #SummerHappy and @thedudemom. Then link up your images in the form below for a chance to win a $110 gift card from Target. Something that is sure to make any momma happy.

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