Almost two years ago I sat in an elementary school cafeteria full of women ready to sign their daughters up for Girl Scouts. We all had different reasons for being there, but with one main goal, having our kids be part of an organization that will take them from being “little girls” to confident young women.

I sat around a table full of moms with new Kindergartners. They gave all of us forms to fill out and said that we would all most likely be in a troop together. We sat anxiously awaiting to see who would volunteer. Silence was abundant at that little table. Finally I took it upon myself to speak up because I’m stupid that’s what I do.

I offered up that I could volunteer, but I couldn’t be the main troop leader because I work full time. A mom sitting at the other end of the table finally spoke up and said she would volunteer if no one else wanted or could do it. I looked at this tall brunette with the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen and wondered how we would fair together as co-troop leaders.

Looking back now (with huge tears in my eyes), I have to say it was a success. Two moms (eventually three) with no experience what so ever took eight of those precious little girls all the way through kindergarten and first grade as Daises and bridged them over to Brownies Thursday night.

I have to say it was a little bittersweet for me. Lisa, my partner is arms, is moving to Georgia in two weeks. So not only will I lose her daughter as a girl scout, I will also lose her as my partner in arms.

She made me promise not to cry at our last meeting, but I have to say that I didn’t do so well driving home.

saying goodbye


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    I sure wish my girls had you guys as leaders. Their leader was investigated by Children’s Services while the girls were in her Daisy Troop.

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    Hey! Congratulations…I remember when I walked over the bridge. But they didn’t have Daisies then, they had another year of Brownies.

    You will do the uniform proud, Miss Big Girl!

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    aww…goodbyes are always hard! I recruited my daughter’s bff’s mom to help me lead -and we had 3 good years. It was hard for me to leave our troop and now Peanut doesn’t want to do Scouts here. I’m going to be a bit lost without a troop :(
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    Aww, I loved Daisies! Oh gosh this was back in like 1985? We had these blue little aprons with pockets. My mom was the troop leader. I am going to share this with her :)
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    I always wanted to be in Girl Scouts, but all the meetings were right after school and my parents both worked, so it wasn’t an option.

    I’m impressed that you were able to keep it together during the meeting. I suck at that.
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    Oh, I love this as a fellow troop leader and as a mom and as a sap!

    Congrats to all of your girls and I’m so sorry your partner is moving!
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    Awww… I imagine it was emotional. I don’t know anything about scouts/daisies/brownies, etc, but a friend here was just posting pictures of her daughter bridging from daisy to brownie, so I know it is a big deal. Congrats, Big Girl!
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