Project 365, Week 21


James was helping David mow the yard… in style. Which was great because he fell asleep and needed a place to crash.

all about me

My hair has gotten SO long and it drives me nuts. I end up flipping it up and holding it with a ponytail holder or pins.


Tuesday was our last softball game and the end of the year dinner. It was a really great year and I’m looking forward to her playing next year. No matter how much I complained during the season.

all about me

I’ve been watching all of the Supernatural episodes on Netflix, but since they aren’t really appropriate for kids I watch them on my computer. Sometimes I need to watch stuff on the big TV too. It was the American Idol finals.


Thursday was Cady’s reward ceremony at school. She made the A/B Honor Roll for the year. So proud!

all about me

And Friday I showed you another way I pin my hair up at work. (Isn’t this exciting?)

I forgot to take a photo on Saturday, but pretty much all we did was go to the grocery store and and clean out the refrigerators (garage and inside).

As a bonus here is a photo David took of James and I at the ballpark on Tuesday. It’s my favorite!

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    How did you take that pic of the back of your head and have it straight up and down.

    Cady looks so happy in her honor roll pic.

    The one with James is so cute. The time passes quickly. That’s a treasure.
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