Project 365, Week 18

being a mom

Bud had a busy day on Sunday. He came in to watch videos on Cady’s computer and passed out for about two hours. It is hard to get him to take a nap on the weekend so this is getting to be a rare occurence. I love it because it reminds me of when they were babies.

being a mom

Bud LOVES Scooby Doo, but it is hard to find merchandise. I looked everywhere at Christmas for a Scooby Doo toy and I couldn’t find anything. I was walking through Target last week and found these sheets. He was so excited.

being a mom

Tuesday evening Cady had her PE program. It was a 50’s theme so they were supposed to dress in that style. Now that her hair is so short I can’t pull it back into a ponytail so I tried to make it a bouffant. I had limited success. Honestly, this photo really does not do it justice.

all about me

I bought myself a new handbag. I NEVER buy anything this nice for myself. I was having a major guilt trip about it, but David assured me that I deserve it and, well, it is just so beautiful and it smells so good (mmmmm, leather) that my guilt has gone away.

working mom

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when I get home from work is ditch the work clothes for pj’s or yoga pants or anything more comfortable than what I’ve been wearing all day. One of the best parts of the day.


Friday night my mom kept the kids so David and I could go out to dinner. Much better photo of him than last week.

being a mom

Bud had a field trip on Friday to a local Mexican food restaurant. All of the kids got sombreros to bring home.


  1. Such great pictures! How fun that you were able to go out to dinner sans kids. My hubby and I are due for a dinner out!

    Visiting from SITS Spring Fling! :)
    Ginny Marie recently posted…another rainy sundayMy Profile

  2. I love the bag! I am sort of addicted to purses myself but too cheap to ever buy an actual expensive one! Good for you.
    rachel recently posted…show off your shotMy Profile

    • Normally I’m too cheap myself. This is the nicest bag I’ve ever had, and I’m sure I will be using it for a LONG time.

  3. Cady’s hair is SO cute!

    And yes. The minute I hit the door, I throw on the yoga pants or whatever t-shirt I’m gonna sleep in that night. Glad to hear I’m not alone on that!!
    Carrie recently posted…I apparently now like the word ‘bountiful’ and well…I’ve always liked moonpies.My Profile

  4. Very cute pictures and family! Visiting from SITS!

  5. I LOVE Cady’s hair! I am also coveting your purse.
    Jennifer recently posted…Wordful Wednesday-Can You Pop ‘Round for Some Tea, Telly and a Chat?My Profile

  6. I *love* that D&B bag. So darn cute!
    Bree recently posted…A post to make all fathers of sons proud…My Profile

    • Thanks. It is my first. I hope it holds up for as long as everyone says they do because not I’m totally spoiled.

  7. Love that bag. I am sure that you do deserve it. ;0
    Kyetra Belton recently posted…Dear Monday…My Profile

  8. It sounds like it was a good week!

    I can’t remember the last time Buster took a nap. :-( He naps at daycare though, so I guess I can live with that.
    Kmama recently posted…Thank You Very Much: 5/7/12My Profile

    • It was a good week. Bud takes a nap at daycare, but I wish he didn’t. He has trouble going to sleep at night because of the nap during the day. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it until he starts kindergarten. We’ve already been through all of that with Cady.

  9. Cute pictures, and I also get out of my work clothe the moment I get home. I think it is rubbing off on my kids. On the weekend when we get home we all start taking off our church clothe and get comfortable.
    Stopping by from SITS spring fling.

    • Oh yes, work clothes… blech. I wish I could wear my comfy (or comfier) clothes all the time. Today I have on hose. Actual pantyhose. In Texas.

  10. Stopping by from SITS. I love that handbag as well! And yoga pants. ;)
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  11. Nice bag!
    I don’t
    Maggie S. recently posted…New Season of Life; Handling BlessingMy Profile

  12. remember dinner’s without kids.
    Maggie S. recently posted…New Season of Life; Handling BlessingMy Profile

  13. Love the “passed out” pic! And your new handbag – NICE! :)
    Elaine recently posted…Matching UmbrellaMy Profile