#Project365/366, Week 13

baby boy

My nephew, Baby A, turned one last weekend.

all about me

I can’t believe this photo about my bad hair day was the only photo I took on Monday.

Softball Girls

A photo I took at softball practice helped inspired a Be Yourself post.


I got a new old fashioned stove. I had a super fancy Kenmore Elite range with ceramic burners and a convection oven. I hated it. I just don’t think I’m a super fancy kind of girl. Plus I couldn’t use my iron pots on the ceramic cook top. This week after David installed the new range I was finally able to break out my old trusty cookware. The kids were happy.

being a mom

Friday was kid celebration day with Big Girl riding the bus for the first time ever, and then Bud got Star Student of the Week!

boy gets award

I was one proud momma!

being a mom

Saturday we had a girl scout outing at a local state park. They had a reptile demonstration, a hike, and a a ranger came and spoke with them about outdoor safety. They had a blast, and I was exhausted by the end of the day.

It was a pretty busy week and I don’t see things slowing down anytime soon. I’m in Charlotte this week for a work conference, but the kids are in the very capable hands of my mom and David. I already had a great welcome when I got here. I could hear a street singer from my room and when I looked out my window this is what I saw:

If you can’t see or hear, it is a couple dancing in the square while the guy sings Love Train. It was awesome. I went down and gave him a tip!

So for the next three nights this will be my view:

working mom

Wish me three nights of really great sleep.



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