Project 365, Week 17

Time for a weekly recap thanks to my Project 365!

birthday party

Sunday I took the kids to a birthday party for a friend’s son. He turned four just a few days after Bud. We met online while we were pregnant and just happened to live in the same area and even went to doctors in the same practice. It’s a small world.


Monday was David’s colonoscopy, which was a success. They found one small polyp, which they removed. He did great.

four year checkup

Tuesday I took Bud for his four year check up where he got FOUR shots. He did great. I was surprised because Cady had a horrible time with the four year shots, but I was extremely thankful.

working mom

Wednesday I gave you the view looking down from my office window. A year ago this was a construction zone so it is really nice to be able to see something besides a huge hole in the ground.

girl power

Thursday I told you all about a problem Cady had at school. When I picked her up that day she was super excited. She said the teacher called her out of art class to apologize. He assured her that she was a great hula hooper and told her how much he appreciated all of her hard work. She was BEAMING! Praise the Lord for teachers that actually get it and want to make a difference (and for me not flying off the handle).

Friday was an “oops I forgot to take a photo” day. Oops!

Grocery shopping

Saturday David took the kids fishing with his dad and I had the entire day to myself. Why is it I always want a day to myself until I get one? Being alone is kind of lonely.


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    I have missed out on so much being sick the past two weeks. When did Big Girl get her hair cut in that cute bob? I love it! Also, so happy to hear the good news about David. I did have a bit of a freak out when I saw the picture of him in the hospital bed before reading the caption.
    Btw, I get lonely on my alone days sometimes too!

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      She got it cut a couple of weeks ago. That photo does look pretty scary, but he was really just sitting there trying to concentrate on not feeling hungry. He was starving.

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    I am really so happy that the teacher took time to apologize and talk to her. It’s so important to take the children’s feelings into account, and I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that they don’t always react the way we (the adults) would, or how we think they would. I’m happy it was okay in the end!

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    So glad to hear all is good with David and there’s nothing more.

    That little Bud looks so proud propped up on that table!!

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      I’m just glad our doctor fixed it to where he could take the test now instead of the insurance approved time. Can you imagine what would happen to that little polyp in the next 10 years?

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    I’m so glad that teacher did the right thing. That’s awesome.

    If I had a day to myself, I would probably take a long nap and just watch tv. I know, boring. But, it’s something I never get to do.

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      BWAHAHAHA. That’s my husband. LOL Dude, we’re old. Granted that is NOT a good photo of him. He was not feeling at all well when I took it.