Project 365, Week 15

Can you believe the only photo I took from Sunday was the one after we finally got home and the kids crashed?

being a mom

Monday I managed to not take any photos, and Tuesday all I did was show you guys how I don’t tan.

all about me

Just freckle. Maybe one day they will all merge together and I’ll look like I have some kind of weird, splotchy tan.


Wednesday I had an in depth discussion with Elaine and Jessica about the ways to up the awesome when making a grilled cheese sandwich.

all about me

Thursday I realized it had been awhile since I’ve taken any kind of self-portrait. I decided to try out some of the filters on my new Camera! app. LOVE them. This filter is called Bombshell.


Friday Big Girl had a softball game. LOVE those girls. They played their little hearts out and ended up with a win. I think my favorite part was when B got to slide in to home base. She’s been wanting to do that all season and she finally got her wish. You should have seen her beaming. Just awesome.

being a mom

BG has been driving me nuts to get her hair cut. The only reason I was waiting was because of dance recital. Her pleading finally got to me and I let her do it. NO idea how I’ll get it in a bun, but I’ll figure that out in June.


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    I am right there with you in needing my freckles to converge into a giant mess to have a tan- we are just more like sleeping beauty you and I with our fair skin- at least that is what I tell myself when I look in the mirror and see how white I am. Love that picture of you. The camera apps are a lot of fun.
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