#Project365/366, Week 11

rainy day

Our Sunday softball practice got rained out. I would by lying if I said I wasn’t a little happy about that.


Laundry… the story of my life.


David was staying up past his bed time to watch TV with me. I always stay up later than him.


The weather here has been wonderful for the last week or so. I’m so glad spring is finally here. But OMG the heat. NOT looking forward to summer.


Y’all have probably already seen this one.


These are flowers in my neighbors yard. My yard? Full of weeds. I totally should have been getting it ready, but we’ve just been so busy.


I took this Saturday at the ball park. The girls didn’t get to play their game because the other team didn’t show, and Bud didn’t play because he was too tired. We were out there all day and by the time his game was starting he just refused to go on the field. I’m hoping that he will do better at the next game, but if not we are just going to have to pull him out this year.


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    I feel like we are constantly working on our yard and after we cleared one area from weeds and begin working on the next, new weeds starting growing in the place we just cleared. I’m not sure why this whole weed thing hasn’t taken off. It is a lot easier to manage 😉
    Sorry about the games this weekend. I’m sure Big Girl was ready to go at it too! Bud is young and you did the right thing by not pressuring him. Sports aren’t fun if you’re worn out little boy.
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    The yard is Jdaddy’s responsibility. He doesn’t take my opinion into consideration when he plants or landscapes things, so I figure that since he wants to do it all his way, he can DO IT ALL.

    We haven’t even started practice for ball yet. We don’t even know what teams the kids are on. I have my fingers crossed that Buster will like it and do okay.
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    I am always the last one up in my house too. I kind of like it like that.

    Love unexpected rainy days when you just get to cancel everything.

    Love that picture of Big Girl. She looks so stinkin’ cute.

    Princess played softball last season and it was a total bust. The practices started at 8:30 AM and she was totally not into playing softball at 8:30 AM!!! I am hopeful that things go better this year. She is super excited and has been out in the yard practicing with my husband for the past week.

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      Thanks. This helps me feel better about letting him quit. We are going to try again on Thursday, but if he doesn’t go for it, then that will be it for us until maybe next year.

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    Sorry the ball games were a bust.
    {something sounds wrong with that statement… anyway…}

    Great shot of the snap dragons. My neighbor across the street has a beautiful yard too. Damn her.
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      Of course we ended up with TWO games and one practice for her this week when were not supposed to have any games. Paybacks a, well you know what it is.

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    We’ve had unseasonably warm weather in Michigan, as well (not sure where you are) and it brought me (a hermit) outside this weekend with the hubs and kids. Was very enjoyable actually. We cleaned up our outdoor furniture and brought it out and even grilled outdoors on Monday and sat outside to eat it. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a really nice spring in this state…and truly I hope this year we get to keep this weather for a few months (before the humidity and heat sets in, and I’m back to being a hermit).
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      I’m in Texas. We’ve been warm since some time in February, and steady on 80 degree days for the last two or so weeks. Although… we may have a front slamming us as I write this. But I’m still worried about summer. Last year was a record breaker. We don’t need another one of those.