Learning to catch

I have a confession. I’ve never been good at sports. At least not any sport that requires any type of hand eye coordination. Football, softball, volleyball, tennis? Nope. Nada. Not for me.

Now dance? Dance I can totally get behind. Turn on some music and ask me to shake that thang and I can do it. Just don’t ask me to throw a ball. Or catch it. Or hit it.

Another confession? I’m terrified I’ve passed my ineptitude on to my children. I know lots of things are genetic, but I’m hoping and praying that the ability to catch, hit, and throw is not.

See, Big Girl started coach pitch softball this year. She has wanted to play for awhile, but we just weren’t ready for her to do it yet. (Actually it was David that wasn’t ready.) Now that Bud is old enough to play t-ball we decided to sign up both of them.

Monday was her first practice. I was pretty worried. I sat in my lawn chair with the other parents on the sidelines and watched the coach teach the girls how to hold their mitts to properly catch the ball. Then I sat and watched as he threw it to them over and over and over. And I watched Big Girl miss it over and over and over.

Now I know this is her first year, and a lot of the other girls have played before, and of course they weren’t catching every ball thrown to them either, but still… My momma heart was just breaking.

I just want my baby to be so good at everything (even though I know that isn’t possible). I don’t care if she is the best, but I would like for her to at least be somewhere in the middle. I just don’t want her to feel like she isn’t good enough… at anything.

Being a mom

After practice she ran up to me so excited, just beaming.

“Momma, did you see that really great catch? I know I missed the ball a lot, but that one time… that one time was a really great catch.”

Oh my sweet girl… I know I have so much to teach you, but I also have so much to learn.

This post was inspired by Sellabit Mom whose precious girl helped me have a new perspective.

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  1. Kristi Baumbach says

    Awwww…sweet girl! I know I’ve learned a lot watching my girls play volleyball, basketball, track and soccer! Often, when I think they are upset about mistakes or just having a bad day they will say or do something that shows me they are totally okay, they pick themselves up and try again until they get it right! Sports teaches kids so many important skills! Even if they aren’t the superstar! And even though we all want OUR kid to be the superstar, chances are they aren’t! But working together on a team, supporting each other through good and bad, priceless!

    • says

      Well you are the one that inspired me to put her in team sports so you are totally getting the blame if it destroys her self esteem. LOL Kidding about that last part of course.

      • Kristi Baumbach says

        Team sports has been great for my girls! I’m sure it will be for your kids too! Even if sports turns out not to be “her thing” I think it’s important to try lots of things as a kid. Her self esteem will strengthen by trying and trying and trying and FINALLY getting it! Teaches one of the most important skills in life I think…. perseverance!

  2. says

    Wow. Do what you can to help her keep that attitude. I know the older we get (or more like, the older “I” get), it’s so much easier to focus on those 52 crappy catches instead of that one great catch.

    I’m gonna pretend to be her today and see if I can make myself notice the few good things going on around me rather than focusing on the many rough things.

    She’s cool. Really cool.

    • says

      I know. If it had been me I would have been mentally beating myself up for doing so poorly, but she only focused on what she did right. Imagine what we could all accomplish if we did that.

  3. says

    I love her attitude! I would love to have her on one of the teams that I coach. This is all you can ever ask of…pride in oneself and love of the game. She has it…celebrate it!! Can’t tell you how much I love this!!

    • says

      Her coach is great. That’s all he has asked, for them to try their best and have fun. I could not have hand picked someone better. Well, unless you lived here. 😉

  4. says

    What a great attitude! And we have the same problem. Noah started in first grade and after this past fall (his 3rd year) I decided not to let him sign up again. He wanted to, but it was painful to watch. In 3rd grade, it was suddenly an all-boys team and the boys on the team were good.. and serious about soccer. Noah couldn’t hold a candle to them and, bless them, the boys were so kind to Noah- encouraging him when he did well. But he couldn’t run as fast, he couldn’t kick nearly as hard and they were all bigger than he is. So, I tried to divert his attention to piano. But it breaks my heart- I don’t want him to feel like he is bad at that stuff like I always did. I played little league in second grade and I was TERRIBLE!. Now- I could twirl, dance and catch a baton like nothing… but catch, kick or throw a ball?? Forget it. I was always the stereotypical last-picked in gym too. It sucked.
    Jennifer recently posted…Conversations with DJMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m so totally proud that she remembered that great catch!

    Don’t get discouraged by the other kids that have played for years and whose parents are already planning their college scholarships for them 😉

    I’m no good at sports, my kids both got their athletic ability from their dad, thank the little baby jeeeesus.

    Team sports can be fun, especially softball!!!
    Aunt Crazy recently posted…Those southern girlsMy Profile

  6. says

    Love her.

    I always feel this way too when the boys are playing soccer. I want them to be SO good. For their own sake more than mine. But they are just happy when they make one great pass or score one goal all season. 😉

    We moms just want so badly for our kiddos to be happy… in every way.
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  7. says

    She’s the best.

    A little secret. I have absolutely no coordination or athletic ability everything my children has comes from my husband. Now they are getting so old and so skilled that I can’t even play with them anymore because I will probably get hurt. Seriously TweenStar can throw a softball 50 MPH- there is no way I can catch that.

    I wish you guys lived around here I would totally set Big Girl up with TweenStar and she would be a pro in days. For all of TweenStar’s challenges she is a wonderful teacher for younger children.
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    • says

      Oh gosh, I was TS was here too. That would be perfect. You know how the younger girls love the older ones. One of the big sisters plays select and she is helping at the afternoon practices when she can.

  8. says

    I used to play ball. Softball, field hockey – you name it… if there was a ball – I played. I think Addison wants to dance. *sigh*

    I love the post. Great way to be there with her. And I LOVE how excited she was for that one catch. Great job Mama..
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  9. says

    Kids have such a great perspective.

    As someone who played all kinds of sports, I really want my kids to do well in sports for different reasons than you. Buddy excels, so there’s really no issue there. I fear that Buster will be one to struggle. We don’t start t-ball practice until late April, so we have awhile yet before we figure out how he’s going to do. I guess more than anything, I just hope he has fun.
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    • says

      Bud is starting t-ball too. We don’t know anything about his team yet. He is super excited. Is it funny that I’m not as worried about him doing well?

    • says

      She LOVES dance and has been in dance for three years. This year she is taking tap, jazz, and hip hop. She says she wants to do dance forever.