Da Big City

Big CityFriday Bud had to stay home from daycare because he was sick. I had a project for work to complete so I took him to my office to pick up some notes so that I could work at home.

As we rounded the street corner he looked at my office in building in kind of awe. I thought it was so cute because to me it is just a building, and not a very big one at that. My current office is on the third floor of a ten story building. When I worked in Houston I had an office on the 26th floor of a downtown high rise. I don’t think we have any 26 floor buildings in the entire town I live in now.

I turned the corner and parked in the garage. As we got out of the car and walked to the building Bud said, “Momma, you work in da big city?”

I realized to him that was exactly what I did. “Yeah, sort of. You want to push the buttons for the elevator?”

He let out an excited, “YEAH!” and ran into the building anxious for a new adventure.


I’m guessing by now you’ve noticed that there is no Share Your Awesome this week. I know (some of) you guys love it, and I love it too, but I need a little break. I hope you can understand.


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    Hope he feel better!

    SuperHubby and I don’t have exciting offices anymore. SuperHubby works out of our house and I work in the daycare centers that they all went to – very boring! I can imagine he must have thought you were pretty awesome.

    Are your kids crazy elevator pushers. It used to be CRAZY here, we had to ration all the button pushing out. Now only Princess is really interested in pushing the buttons, but she must be scarred from her early years because as soon as she sees or hears we are going on a elevator she makes a mad dash and starts screaming “I am pushing the buttons”. Good times.

    I don’t know how people keep memes up – so much work. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

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    Yep. That’s some big stuff to kids.

    My nieces live about 20 minutes outside of Austin and I’m not even sure before the ages of 6 & 7 they knew it was called “Austin” and not “The City.”

    We’d be heading towards downtown and our game was to see who could see “The City” first. The minute the dome of the capitol came into view…there was some serious screaming of “I see The City! I see The City first!”

    Hell. Who am I kidding. I’m 42 and I STILL scream it when they’re in the car with me. Just at 11 & 12, they think I’m pretty lame.
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    It is so cute to think of things from their perspective. When I was little, my grandmother worked on the first floor of the Petroleum Building there in downtown “Bud’s Big City”. It had 13 floors and I used to get so excited to go visit her at work and sometimes she would take me up to the top floor. It was a big ole day out for me. And now… when I drive through, it seems so small compared to the “real” city.
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