Pinterest Pretties

After the seriousness of yesterday’s post I thought today we needed something light and fun. It has been awhile since I’ve written about my obsession so I thought I would share some things I’ve pinned recently.

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Based on some of the lessons I learned about myself last year I think this is one that I need to have printed out and hung in various rooms where I spend a lot of time.

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I am completely in love with this photo. Just so beautiful. I wish I had one like this.

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I can’t wear heels because I will hurt myself, but if I could I would totally NEED a pair of these. I think this is one of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I’ve ever seen.

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I’m thinking about making these for the kids’ valentines parties at school. They look yummy and different. I also saw a post where you put cupcakes in small plastic cups to make them easier to transport. I thought I could then drop them down in those clear goody bags.

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Or I might make these instead. I like that they aren’t candy or sweets, but it is something that kids would have a lot of fun with.

{Photo Removed}

I’m going to a Mardi Gras ball in February. It is a formal event and I thought I might wear my hair like this. What do y’all think?

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This was a cleaning tip. Mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part Dawn dish liquid. I actually tried this on my carpet and it worked really well. My carpet is pretty much beyond repair, but it actually did get some of the staining out. I was so impressed I went and bought two huge bottles of hydrogen peroxide.

{Photo Removed}

Have you guys seen the new Pinterest, You are drunk blog. It is hilarious. I think this image needs to be submitted. Caption: Mustaches. You’re doing it wrong.

Have y’all tried Pinterest yet? Have you found anything good? Share it in the comments.


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      Log in. Look at pretty stuff. If you like it click repin and assign it to a board.

      Those are the basics anyway. There are tutorials all over. Brittany at Barefoot Foodie had a really good one last year.

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    The cupcakes look do-able.

    I have to dig through my boards. I have an idea board and a food board. They are bursting! I need to do the King Ranch Chicken Enchiladas and the Blue Velvet Cake.

    I re-pinned some “sweater leg warmers”, I have the sweaters saved to do it.

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    ah, I HEART Pinterest!

    I love the quote, such a good mantra.

    And the hair is lovely! Did it have a tutorial together with the pin?

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      If you go through the link to the blog she has a video that shows you how to do it. She has actually has several hair videos on her site. I’m in love with her a little bit.

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    I love that pretty updo!

    I really love Pinterest, but I only try to go on there a couple times a week because I can spend way too much time on there.

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    Pinterest is so addicting!! I love the picture of the hands. My grandmother is coming (maybe) in a couple of weeks. She’s 96. I am going to suggest to my mom that we take a pic like that.

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    Okay, you know I love that photograph! And the shoes and the hair!

    And I’m totally stealing that Valentine glow stick idea! LOVE it!!

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    I’ve finally found some time this week to get on there. My fear has been confirmed. It is totally addictive. I am doing my best to limit my time on because I can see it turning into an all nighter. As you know, I follow you on there and you have really good taste! Btw, I think that hairstyle would be beautiful for the formal affair. Your hair looked fantastic that one day you were just going to Costco too on Instagram!

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    LOL – I actually saw the picture of that guy somewhere on the web just yesterday and at first, I thought that “mustache” was fake – so funny!

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    I got on Pinterest about 2-3 weeks ago. I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like, but yes…absolutely found some really fab stuff!

    I say YES on the hair and YES on the shoes.

    (Or maybe some look-alikes on the shoes. I bet those alone are more than a typical mortgage!! Crazy!)