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This week I’m getting the opportunity to feature another weight loss blogger. Maren blogs at From Cow to Wow, and I can so relate to her posts. She’s been a faithful linker and commenter ever since she found the link up so I’m glad she was selected this week.

1. So Norway. What’s that like? In like a paragraph. :)

Norway is magnificent. I’m going to come off sounding as a patriot, but that’s not really a bad thing is it? Every country has things they can do better, but we are very fortunate over here. Oil money, a decent welfare system, decent student loans so *everyone* can get an education. Besides from all the snow each year I love our nature so much. Anyone reading this that ever come to Bergen should look me up and I’ll give them a free tour. :)

2. You are a weight loss blogger. What motivated you to start losing weight and blogging about it?

I’ve wanted to lose weight for years, and I have tried so many times it’s not even funny. I’ve fought hard and lost hard, quit and restarted over and over again. This year, on my birthday (Oct 6th) it just hit me that .. I don’t want to face my next birthday feeling like this. A year is a lot of time to make changes, and lord knows I wish I had started this change last year! Blogging about it is about reaching out, because I know I can’t do it all on my own. I need support and feedback, and to be held accountable! I also have a small hope that I can help others, that are facing the same issues that I am.

3. I see on your blog that you really put it all out there, your weight, your measurements, your goals, your achievements. Was that a hard thing to do? How did you come to the decision to be so open about it?

It’s both hard and at the same time not. The truth is what it is, even if you hide it away in loose clothes and try ignoring your reflection in the mirror. I felt like it was time to get real about where I was, and where I wanted to go. I had to let go of all the shame and stop beating myself up, because that wasn’t getting me anywhere. It wasn’t done over night, I’ve been in this fat suit for the past 15 years (and I’m only 26!). I’ve called myself names that I wouldn’t ever call others, and that had to stop. Being open and sharing your journey, both struggles and victories, is one of the keys of making it through this journey alive and sane – I think!

4. Tell us a little bit about yourself, other than you live in Norway and are losing weight.

I’m 26, and got married to the most wonderful man almost two years ago. I’m studying to become a teacher, and I feel like I’ve found my passion in life. Children are amazing, and to see the look in their eyes when they finally crack the reading codes, or understand fractions .. that’s just the most incredible feeling! I don’t have any children of my one, but that might change one day. My first goal is to get a puppy, and move from there. 😉

5. What is your favorite post you’ve written?

Oh, that’s a hard question.. But I think it’s the one about crying in the gym, I have to stop crying at the gym. It’s about pushing myself towards becoming a better person, and how I get so emotional when I see that I AM changing my life for the better!

I can so relate to so many of her responses. Especially the one about crying at the gym. I did that just last night. Be sure to check out her blog and give her lots of love after you link up. Here are the rules for linking up:

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    I have been reading Maren since she started linking up. I love that she tells it like it is in a compact post (something I dream of but have little hope of ever doing). I am looking forward to reading crying at the gym, but it is Friday. I will have to see you later. Congratulation, Maren!!!

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    I, too, have been reading Maren since she started linking up. And I, too, am trying to lose weight and can totally relate to what she has to say!

  3. says

    I’m so happy you featured Maren. She is AWESOME! I love that she is blogging for such positive reasons. She wants a support system in place. She wants to share her thoughts and feelings. She wants to hold herself accountable in her weight loss process.
    She is also very kind and sweet and is an incredibly supportive blogger. If any of your readers haven’t checked her out yet…they should & sign up to be a follower!

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    Thank you, Jennifer. For featuring me here.. it’s an honour. I was really surprised, and so thankful, that you wanted to do that. I feel like I’ve found a community that is supportive beyond my wildest dreams, it’s a true blessing. And reading what the lovely ladies above wrote about me made me teary once again.

  5. says

    Love her. Just love.

    She’s cemented in my google reader.

    Thank you for doing this, Jennifer. I have found so many blogs I really enjoy through you.

    You’re like one sweet party!