Big Challenges, Weight Watchers Week 5

Me. In a penguin hat.

I faced a lot of challenges this week on our girl’s trip. Friday night Mexican food and Saturday mall food. Sunday I was catching up on everything I had missed and preparations for the upcoming week. Luckily I’ve known about this trip for a while so I had plenty of time to plan.

I knew Friday night that we were going to eat Mexican food with friends. I looked the menu up online and googled nutritional information to know what I should eat (chicken tortilla soup) and what I should avoid (pretty much everything else). I also knew where we would be shopping and most likely eating lunch on Saturday so I did the same thing with that restaurant.

However I did not know where we would be eating Saturday night. I knew that I did not want to wait until we got to the concert and then eat concession food. We had planned to go to Hard Rock, but it was too busy so we went to a local place instead. The food was amazing and I had no idea what any of the calorie counts were. I read the menu and made the best choices I could and tried to be sure that I left food on my plate. I also tracked everything I ate.

Sunday afternoon I assessed everything I had eaten, and I thought that I had done pretty good, but I was still worried about my weigh in this week. I was very happy to see another two pound loss when I stepped on the scale. I felt a tremendous relief that this is actually something I can manage for the long term and make work with my life. I just have to plan, be aware, and take one day at a time.

My other challenge is my long term nemesis… exercise. I’ve never loved it, and I don’t really love it now. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy Zumba, a lot. The problem is that I can pretty much only go to the class twice a week. My other gym has a step class on Wednesday night that I’m trying, but I need things to do the other night. I tend to do better with classes because I work harder to keep up. I’m determined to make it work though.

So that’s week five. Big challenges lead to big successes.

Week 5 Loss: 2 pounds
Total Loss: 10 pounds

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    Being on your feet at the Mall and (help me Jesus) the stadium…which had to be a haul, counted.

    I’m telling you. Leslie Sansone in the front room. I know, I don’t like for my family to see me exercising either. But you can choose which workout you want, it isn’t complicated, you can add your hand weights and when you sort of get it memorized, you can mute her and use your own music.

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      Her voice is just completely annoying to me. Completely. I have some Richard Simmons DVD’s and I have the Wii Fit and Just Dance. Sometimes I try those, but it usually involves having to pick up the living room first.

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    Ten pounds is amazing. I totally think you just hit a huge milestone here. Being able to go out of your routine for a couple of days and still maintain your healthy eating habits. That is soooooo huge. And makes this whole “diet” thing seem not like a diet but a change in a way of living.

    I love chicken tortilla soup (sorry had to get that in).

    The exercise thing sucks. I hate exercise. I don’t mind being active, but I hate exercise. The only thing I could fit in my life was the running, I know it seems awful, but it did actually work.

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      I would actually love to work up to running. I’m just going to have to find a way to do it. That saying, “the hardest step is the one out the front door,” is totally true.

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    Look at you! 10 pounds!! That’s such an accomplishment.

    When I eat Mexican, I often order the chicken fajitas and don’t use any sour cream or guac, and I really limit my cheese. I really end up eating mostly the chicken and veggies, which isn’t bad at all.

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      I think fajitas are a good choice (if you ask them to leave off the oil), but I don’t like peppers or onions in my food unless I can’t see them. That’s why I try to stick with salad or soup.

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      I don’t like the peppers and onions though, and I worry that the tortillas have too many calories. Sometimes I do take my own whole wheat ones though.

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    I like Just Dance and I also use Leslie Sansone.. I mute her. Also… do you know about www. yet? It is a WW member for many years that has painstakingly calculated the WW points for just about ANY restaurant and fast food place you can think of. I use that site all the time! Click on the “restaurants” link on her home page because there is a bunch of other stuff there too.

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    You’re doing great! My biggest struggle is definitely going out. Planning aead is key, like you said. And I really need to start exercising….but I hate it. And it’s not convenient for me, so I really have to work to fit it in, and working to do something you hate? Not really something I am good at.

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      It isn’t convenient for me either. I just figure that I can’t let myself use that as an excuse because being overweight isn’t all that convenient either.

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    I really like how you are taking one day at a time. I think that is so important and it’s working well for you my friend. Great job at keeping in check while you were out for the weekend, that is awesome!!

    And if you can fit it in, just walking is also good for you, around the neighborhood or whatever…

    Love your hat. :)

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      With the time change it is now dark when I get home. I need to plan to walk at the mall at lunch on days I know I won’t be able to go at night.

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    You’re doing fab, girl…just fab!!

    I hear you on the exercising. Everyone at the work joint does Zumba and all I hear is, “Oh, girl…you would LOVE it…do it with us!”

    (Uh, f’ing no. Go away.)

    (Sorry. But I know you curse, too.)

    Great choices on the food, too. Plus, now that you’re exercising even if you eat something not so kinda good for you…your metabolism is busting it up before it has time to sit and nest.

    Keep it up…you’re ridiculously inspiring.

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    Hi Jennifer! I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did. I am a fellow WW also! Or rather, I was, so I love hearing about other peoples experiences on the program. I am also all about taking it one day at a time. Thanks for sharing your story!

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    I love that picture! :)

    I think you are doing well! I always worry when I’m going away or going out, because it makes it so much harder to make good choices. I make up rules for myself before I go, and stick to them as much as I can!

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      They had a bunch of those hats. I thought they were so cute, but Jodi said I looked like I was stuck up a penguin’s butt.

      I make up rules for myself too. Then I’ll say, “I can’t do that because of xyz.” It helps sometimes.

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    Hooray! You are a rock star!

    Just keep trying new things, you might find other things you like. Doing Zumba alone can feel pretty ridiculous, but you can get videos OnDemand if you have it.

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    I think the stress of Taylor Swift’s concert drama and all the shopping you girls did was enough to scare away some of those calories 😉

    Seriously though…I’m happy you are doing so well! Way to scope the food out ahead of your weekend. Keep up the good work!!