Idiosyncrasies, we all have them

I have some… let’s call them idiosyncrasies. You know what I mean. Little habits that I’m sure could be construed as weird by some people.

reeses pieces candy

Like, if I eat any type of candy that comes in colors (M&M’s, Reeses Pieces, Skittles), I have to eat them by color… but only if I pour them out on my desk or a table. If I just pour them into my hand then it doesn’t matter.

I have certain bowls that I mix things in. Pecan pie must be mixed in my white stoneware bowl. Hopefully it will never break. Cookies have to be mixed my yellow bowl with the wide top. Dressing has to be mixed in my large white Tupperware bowl. The list goes on and on.

I don’t brush my teeth until after I take a shower. And if I take a shower later in the day… well, you might want to stand back. I just forget to do it.

I can’t have anyone touching me when I go to sleep at night. I have to have my own space. This makes it really hard when you have a six year old that likes to climb into bed with you every night. I do alright if she crawls in after I fall asleep, but if she does it before then I’m in trouble.

If I’m typing a sentence and I make a word choice I don’t like and change my mind then I have to delete all the way back to that point instead of just deleting that one word.

I hate wearing socks. And long sleeves. And forget about a turtleneck or anything else that fits around the neck because it is not going to happen.

Alright, I think that’s enough for now. I can’t have you thinking that I’m too weird.  What about you? What are some of the little oddities that make you you?

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  1. Kmama says

    I have too many to list. But a fun one is that when I eat fast food, I must eat the main item first, before I eat the chips or french fries. It drives me crazy to watch people eat the fries first!

  2. qandlequeen says

    I definitely eat my candies by color, but you made a great observation that I never noticed – it doesn't matter if I'm eating them straight from the bag or from my hand.

  3. Connie says

    I have to make that bed everyday. Does that count?

    And my kids toys have to go into the containers that I've designated for them. Trains in the train container, cars in another. Small legos do not go with the big legos….

  4. Stacy Uncorked says

    I have some of the same idiosyncrasies that you do – especially eating candy by color if I pour them out on a desk or table first, but not from my hand. And specific bowls to mix things in, and brushing my teeth after a shower, not before. 😉

    WW: Summer House Renovations

  5. leslie says

    Yes, we all have those things…don't we? I eat candies not only grouped by color (whenever possible, hand or table, negated)but also in two's. I have a serious issue with odd numbers :-) When I unload the dishwasher, my mind unconciously counts as I put the forks/ soons/ knives into the drawer.
    I know, I'm a weirdo…

  6. parentingBYdummies says

    I ALWAYS eat my M&Ms and Skittles by color, and I always wear socks. ALWAYS. I have a weird naked-feet-on-foreign-floors thing so yeah.

  7. Rachel says

    I am WITH you on the Turtleneck and no touching in bed issues. UGH, I can't stand it.

    In my house, I like things in "threes" as far as placement/decoration. It's a must.

  8. Losing Brownies says

    Are you in my head? I have a very, very similar list including the candies, the bowls, and the teeth brushing thing!

  9. Jane Anne says

    I cannot stand for anyone to touch me when I am eating. It shouldn't be too big of a problem but with little kids, it can be. It irritates me and I have no idea why. I cannot stand it.

    Love your list! Makes me feel more normal.

  10. Jennifer says

    Great list.. I am sure I have something (or many somethings) but I will have to think about it. Or just email DJ and ask him.. I am sure he has an entire list at the ready.

  11. Kathy says

    I'm so with you about the turtleneck. I haven't worn any tight fitting collared shirts in decades. Always a scoop or V-neck. I think because the last thing that looks thin on me is my neck/collarbone area. Everything else is fat. Why cover thick with something thicker? And it makes me hot!

    OK, I'm done complaining on your blog. Carry on….

  12. Texan Mama says

    You are a nut. That's why I love ya.

    All that stuff you listed? Well, you'd have a nightmare living with me. I don't care about a single thing. And I'd probably piss you off because I'd totally forget that any of that stuff mattered to you and I'd mix up your candies and touch you in bed.

    If we were married. And I was a man.


  13. Julia says

    hilarious!! i think we all have those things. I have to wash my face first thing in the morning.

    (Ok, i'm watching the movie "inception" right now and it's so hard to understand, my brain can't even think of my other idiosyncrasies!!!) :)

  14. Heather says

    I am so with you on the sleep thing. No cuddling for me. I need space and yes that is painful with my 4 year old who likes to attach herself to me when she gets in the bed.
    I can only drink out of certain cups – that one drives my husband crazy!
    I have to read before I go to sleep, even if it is just for a few minutes I can't sleep without it!

  15. Maggie S. says

    The bowl thing is REALLY important. I think tons of people sort their candy by color before eating.
    I think I am totally normal. You might have to ask Mickey, who is obsessed with Greenwich Mean Time and re-sets his watch by the atomic clock and then resets ALL the clocks in our house and cars and knows his watch is 15 seconds slow. WHO IS NEVER FARGING ON TIME. EVER.

  16. Jen says

    I always have to brush my teeth BEFORE I shower.

    And I have to start my workout with the same song on my ipod every morning too. So sometimes I have to skip several songs that I didn't listen to.

    That's not too wierd, right? 😉